Apr 3, 2018

Stamping Nails Collection, There Must be One Just for You

Hello dear. How are you? Sorry for the late update. Today, I will share you so many nice nail stamping all shared by bornprettystore bloggers. You should check here if you are hesitant which kind of nail style you could try recently, there will be one for you. Hope you enjoy.

Dream catcher stamping nail design, suitable for relaxing holiday. It could be better to finish it with chameleon or holographic stamping polish.

Daisy floral nail stamping, follow this flower spring and try any beautiful manicure for your precious time.

Here also a fresh daisy flower stamping nail design, try one!

Rose flower nail art, classic nail pattern!

Trying any reverse stamping nails will be your big step, like this one, nice colors together, item code: 39489 from

Warm and sweet stamping nail design, very good choice for anniversary, don’t you think so?

Cool chain stamping design, rarely to see like this one, do you like this nail idea? Here to select more patterns. 

Fairy dwarf stamping nail design on pure base, so romantic manicure! Follow the lovely style to create your own one.

Now, have you found your favorite nail design? If yes, do not hesitate to try one, so many interesting stamping pattern are waiting for you. Thank you for your support. See you next time. 

Mar 18, 2018

Most Popular and Educational Tutorial Videos Collection

Hello dear. How are you? Did you try any special nail design recently? If not, this blog will share you some great tutorial videos for you to try, interested? Then follow me to enjoy them, hope you will find the one you love best.

Romantic floral glitter tutorial video shared from @nailostic, always shared us creative nail designs, thank you so much. Adding the glitter nail powder on the stamper, then pick up the stamping image. It is really a genius idea, do you agree me?

French floral stamping nail art from @liliumzz, she shared so many helpful tutorial videos for her viewers, you will get more surprises to check her page.

Unique marble manicure usage, have you seen it? If you are tired with painting marble nails, here is your another good choice from @i_foxynails. 

Cool 3d nails studs manicured by @thesammersaurus, suitable for cool girls. Feel the nature with it and be a really nail artist.
Get more tutorial videos from, all high-quality videos collection. Hope above four videos will bring you much inspiration.

See you next time. 

Mar 12, 2018

All Beautiful Butterfly Stamping Nails You Can Do at Home

Hello dear. Wish you spent a very wonderful weekend. It is very nice to see you again. Do you have any other interesting nail idea recently? If not, let’s enjoy a roundup of butterfly nail stamping, welcome to share us your ideas about them.

Just one butterfly design on one finger, not too much, but enough to surprise you!

A different butterfly manicure with yellow and orange reverse stamping, bright color, is it your style?

The one I love, nice color together and looks lively, do you agree me? If you wanna keep longer, finish it with gel polish, if you like to change it after short time, regular nail polish is OK.

Perfect butterfly reverse stamping nail art, check this pic to get the detail steps, free to try other colors with this design.

Warm colored butterfly design, suitable for spring and pre-summer.

Cool and special butterfly, I thought she painted it. But actually, it is also the same stamping plate! Amazing effect.

Rainbow chic butterfly nail art, very beautiful design, you could do it at home. Wanna try?

All above manicures finished with one same product, butterfly stamping plate, many different butterfly patterns optional, select one and creative your unique nail art.

See you next time. 

Mar 7, 2018

BORN PRETTY Easy Matte Nails with Only One Step

Hello dear. We know matte nails are popular since 2009, and now, it sometimes also becomes the hot topic among nail art. So you must own at least one matte nail polish as a real nail fan. Do you still love matte nails? And then you would love to know how to finish your matte nails with one step.

Look at the first one, just one regular stamping nail design, but when it is sealed with matte top coat, the nail style has changed to a cool type.

Compare to the two red pics, what a big difference between matte nails and polished nails, which one do you prefer?

Above cool three matte nails manicured by same one nail blogger @svetlanashak, all creative nail designs! Like the first one, it also could make you think of Games of Thrones?

The last one, black matte nails, and it is simple to do any design like that? How about painting some cool images?

All these amazing manicures could be changed into matte nails, you just need to apply matte top coat #3590 for nail polish and matte top gel #32016 for gel nails, one step to change a nail style.

Be a cool manicurist from matte nails! See you next time! 

Mar 4, 2018

Flakies Glitter Nail Art- Bling Nail Ideas for You 👈

Hello dear. How was your weekend? Hope this post will start your wonderful new week. I can’t wait to share you a collection of flakies glitter nails, trust me, those bling nail ideas will share you more inspiration.❤

Causal gold flakies nails, finish it quickly. It is free for you to apply the flakies on gel or polish. More colors about the irregular glitter flakies share, have a nice try!

Very nice color with chameleon flakies, the chameleon effect will be better to use black base coat. Item code: 39254.

Cool silver nail flakies, it is different to use it on black or other color base, wanna try? Here you could see more details.

Pure blue nail art, I love the idea to just apply two fingers!!

Three above flakies nails are made by holographic chameleon flakies, which one do you love best? It is all up to you how much flakies do you want to apply one your nails? The last one looks so special, it reminds me of fish surface, agree me?

Thank you for our bloggers' sharing! Welcome to share us if there is any other nail style do you want to enjoy. See you next time! 

Mar 1, 2018

Best 7+ Chrome Glitter Nails Proves This is the Biggest Manicure Trend

Hello dear. Nice to see you again. Are you ready for next wave of chrome glitter nails? Here I am going to share you seven glitter nail ideas, it will definitely prove the biggest manicure trend is coming. Follow to enjoy below nail art designs.

First one, I will not describe how beautiful it is, we could see the strong holographic and chameleon effect from above picture. Enough to hold each situation, #41696 more colors optional from

Another color with the same product, which one do you want to try firstly?

Chameleon magnetic nail power it is, it would be perfect if you could use any kind of magnetic board or stick to get better cat eye effect. And I have to recommend you one magic magnet board to get any wave, leaf, stripe images. Sounds amazing, right?

We have to express our gratitude for @apolishedcolleen, who designed so many beautiful manicures (above four included) for viewers. Thank you so much again!

If you are always keep low-key, then consider trying this unicorn mirror powder? Stunning and make you satisfied as always. (Item code: #41266)

The same holographic powder, another nice color will be very great to match any colored clothes, how do you think?

Pure color with mirror effect, apply the powder until you get satisfied effect. Try it now? Three designs from @farbklexe, thank you for your sharing!

Now, are you also amazed by above collection of chrome glitter nails? Trust me, then wanna follow the nail trend to try some special manicures? Thanks for your support. See you next time! 

Feb 26, 2018

March Nails-Feel the Spring Freshness on Your Fingertips 💛

Hello dear. March is coming soon, do you have any great ideas for this warm season? If not, hope this post would provide you some inspiration. Trust me, you will be amazed after you enjoy a collection of green freshness nail art. Now, follow me to feel the charm of the fingertips.💛

Spiral green manicure, have you felt the spring fresh smell after seeing this pic? Chic nail art, try together! 🙌

Paint your nails as you love with just one nail brush, item code #41718, free to do any creative manis with this nail tool. 😡

The gather of white and green color, simple and very comfortable, do you agree me? More nail powder shared in bps site, find your March nails there. 💖

Pure green nail polish, please do remember buffer your nails well before you apply any kind of metallic nail polish. Hope you could find the color you want to try.

Cat eye glitter nails, do you think if it is suitable to use this kind of acrylic powder in spring?

Leaf stamping nail art three steps to finish it, and green stamping polish is a very great choice for this style nail! Here to check different types of nail tutorial video here->

Welcome to share us your spring March nail ideas and let’s feel the freshness together. See you next time. Thank you so much for your accompany all the time. 

Feb 23, 2018

Lively Nail Designs for Spring Beauty

Hello dear. We just spent Chinese Spring Festival and came back to work. How are you these days? The weather gets warmer, are you ready for your spring nails? Here happy to share you a collection of lively manicures suitable for lively spring season.

Real leaf nail stamping shared by @bloggleidienecoutinho, popular pic on IG. Green color is really great for warm spring.

Creative glitter warble nails from @i_foxynails, she used a special way to finish her design, get the tutorial video on her page. Purple color for fashion beauty.

Sweet and colorful flower nail art stickers design from @justagirlandhernails, try this pattern to enrich your spring life. Item code : 40606.

The collection of holographic nail polish and flower stamping plates, few people could resist the temptation of holo effect, how about you? Designed by @yyulia_m.

Rainbow floral starry nail from @beautyaddictedd, one of my favorite manicurist. Try it when you are out and close to the flower natural.

Flower, plant, heart, star, unicorn, animal and so many other patterns on this plate, look at the cactus, try it if it is your favorite plant. Item code #41928 to get more surprises.

All lively and beautiful nail design, which one do you prefer? Welcome to share us your thoughts about them, and try them for yourself!